a)    All FFPC projects are currently under development by the Board and are listedonly for informational purposes

atthis time.  Examples of these projects include:

i.         Economic Impact Study of Local Foods in FL – this project will demonstrate the job creation, sales opportunities, dollars available, population targets, food categories and leakage analysis to help Floridians and Florida Farmers benefit from buying local. See an example of such a study at

ii.         Mobile Slaughter Unit – this project will evaluate the feasibility, funding and enterprise to provide access to a USDA inspected mobile slaughter facility for niche livestock producers to reach direct markets in FL.  See an example of a mobile slaughter unit at

iii.         Farm Library – this project will develop an open collaborative online resource that will allow for people to contribute and share information throughout Florida that will help increase local farming and local food systems. See an example at is

iv.         How to Get Local in 1 Year – this project will develop the tools for individuals, families and groups that will help them utilize the most effective strategy to get local.  The approach is to take one meal per quarter of the year and begin sourcing from local food systems.  You can be LOCAL in ONE YEAR!

v.         Community Local Foods – this project will develop the process and benchmarks for establishing a local food economy.  The approach will be to partner with one community in Florida to conduct a food system assessment and develop plan from the farm to the consumer and everything in between.  Our hope is that in homes, schools, restaurants, retailers and other locations where food is served one Community in Florida will be able to source a significant portion from local farms.  We hope this will be a model used for expansion and growth to other communities in FL.


b)   Calendar of Events – events supportive of the vision and mission of FFPC

(1) statewide

(2) regional

(3) national

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